Frey's Auto Supply
10 East Main Street
Grafton, WV 26534
(304) 265-1184


This establishment subscribes to the following business practices.

  • To perform high quality repair service at a fair price.

  • To use only proven merchandise of high quality distributed by reputable firms.

  • To employ the best skilled technicians available.

  • To furnish an itemized invoice of parts and services which clearly identifies any used or remanufactured parts. Replaced parts may be inspected upon request.

  • To have a sense of personal obligation to every customer.

  • To recommend corrective and maintenance services, explaining to the customer which of these are required to correct existing problems and which are for preventive maintenance.

  • To offer the customer a price estimate for work to be performed.

  • To furnish or post copies of any warranties covering parts or services.

  • To obtain prior authorization for all work done, in writing, or by other means satisfactory to the customer.

  • To notify the customer if appointments or completion promises cannot be kept.

  • To maintain customer service records for one year or more.

  • To exercise reasonable care for the customer's property while in our possession.

  • To maintain a system for fair settlement of customer's complaints.

  • To cooperate with established consumer complaint mediation activities.

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